Carl Sebastian Lepper

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Born in the middle of Germany, in Hanover, in 1968 as a son of painter, I was surrounded by a world of colours, abstracts and fantasies one of my earliest memories, getting in real contact with these world happened in 1972. On my fathers painting board I discovered something that looked like an ice cold coke. I took a big sip. Urrrgh.  Tasted terrible! Even hurt! Couple of years later I realized: it was Turpentine I drank. Since then I have Turpentine in my blood totally depended from the desire to paint I spent a lot of my childhood with pencils and paper. My parents recognized very early my addiction and talent in painting and supported me from the very beginning in 1982 at my first trip to the USA, I was fascinated by a totally new and exciting world. The landscape, the lights and the american way of living had an enduring influence on me a numerous of trips in different countries, like Seychelles, Thailand or Mexico und lots of southern european countries developed a varied of creative ideas to bring on canvas as I moved to Hamburg in 2001 I started to put new inspirations in my paintings. The city of Hamburg and the port of Hamburg impressed me very intensive my pictures at first are formed in my head, than move around my stomach und at the end I see them at my canvas. My painting- and mixing technique was developed in years of trying and it now gives my ideas space and form to be visual and agile couple of years ago me and my family got ready for shore and live now out of Hamburg, near to Lneburg as shorter a painting needs to be painted, as longer the experience are.