Uschi Dechow

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Uschi Dechow lives and works as a free artist in Hamburg after the painting she is exclusively occupied since 1988 with graphic prints training with Gun Streland (lithography), Alfred Ackermann (etching), Sven Wohlgemuth (Intaglio type, acid-free etching) since 2004 she operates in her own printing studio with emphasis on experimental letterpress and intaglios. The examination of life shows it in all colouredness. Gladly it argues with time-critical topics member professional association of visual artists Hamburg exhibitions in Germany and NY

Exhibitions (selection)
Gallery VorOrtOst BBK-Leipzig Gallery xpon-art, Hamburg AlsterArt, Hamburg Kunstverein Schenefeld Kulturforum Wedel FormArt, Glinde Kulturhaus Eppendorf, Hamburg Vattenfall, Hamburg Fabrik der Knste, Hamburg Museum Waldemarturm, Dannenberg OpenAirGallery, Berlin Gallery r Rochester, NY Kunsthaus, Hamburg