Christiane Bernreuther

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Christiane Bernreuther was born in 1960 in Brunswick The artist lives and works in Hamburg The focus of her work is always the human being and what represents it: the face Christiane Bernreuther created her paintings (oil on canvas) in the formats 70 x 50 cm on to 100 x 80 cm. The portraits are painted with vigorous brushwork reflect wit, defiance and beauty. You want to know more about these people - and the life that has shaped their faces Training with the painter Torsten Paul in Hanover

Congress Hall Saarbrcken, Hamburg Albertinen hospital, Altonale and Altonaler art prize in Hamburg, Maritim Hotel Bremen
German participation in the Celeste Art Prize (2008), inclusion in the official exhibition catalog Participation in International Celeste Prize (since 2009), inclusion in the Celeste Prize Selection 2011