Monika Linnert

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1943 born in Bielefeld 1960-1964 Study at The School of Arts, Bielefeld, Masters degree in fine arts and textile design 1954-1966 Working in Switzerland 1967-1969 Working as textile designer since 1970 Working as painter 1977-1978 Living and working in the USA 1980 Scholarship in the Rijkscentrum Frans Masereel, Kasterlee, Belgium 1988 2. Award for fine arts given by The Administrative Government, Stade

Since 1966 in Germany USA Great Britain Poland Bulgaria Switzerland Finland Sweden Canada Danmark the Netherlands Russia

Works in public and private collections (selected)
Germany: Northrhine-Westfalia, Federal State Collection, Bavaria, Federal State Collection, Lower Saxony, Federeal State Collection, Archbishopric, Collection of Contemporary Art
Austria: Collection Gerd Prechtl, Wien, Collection Charlotte Sengthaler, Graz Switzerland: Collection Fred Siegenthaler, Bern Finland: Collection of the City of Ikaalinen Belgium: Ministerie van Nederlandse Cultuur