“Lift up, but keep grounded!” Ceramic Balloons are breaking the Norms. - Nina Jun at LA ART SHOW
Künstler: Nina Jun
Vernissage:Mittwoch, den 30.11.-1
Beginn der Ausstellung:Mittwoch, den 23.01.13
Ende der Ausstellung:Sonntag, den 27.01.13
Ort der Ausstellung:LA ART SHOW
South Figueroa Street, 1201
90015 Los Angeles

The 2013 LA Art Show presents the art world’s limitless range featuring exhibitors who appreciate the past, embrace the present and forecast the future. The LA Art Show, with 4 distinct sections: Modern & Contemporary, Historic & Traditional Contemporary as well as Vintage Posters, and presentation of the IFPDA Los Angeles Fine Print Fair has become the West Coast¹s most comprehensive art experience. The art fair, taking place at Los Angeles Convention Center January, 23 - 27, 2013, showcases the highest caliber galleries, exceptional programming and special exhibitions.

One of the highlights in the Modern and Contemporary Art section is Nina Jun’s ceramic balloons, which mimic popular culture’s helium balloons. Jun’s work is exhibited in booth 936, for the Nine Gallery, from Gwangiu, South Korea.

“When a helium balloon escaped from my hand into infinite space I began to wonder about the universe: merging galaxies and dying and forming stars. These images especially fascinated me and have inspired this series of balloons of ceramic. What if these balloons could lift us up while also keeping us grounded? I make these ceramic balloons to remind us the concept of time, desire and reality, levity and gravity and just for colors and shapes.”

Nina Jun’s brilliantly colored balloons look soft and seem to hold happier moments of one’s life. These colorful, glossy and puffy forms, which some people might take as real helium balloons, will be shown on walls to further confuse the viewers, but do not contain helium inside.

Born in Seoul, Korea, artist Nina Jun lives and works in Los Angeles area. She received an MFA in Sculpture from California State University of Long Beach in 2001. Nina Jun is a sculptor whose body of work, in addition to ceramic works, includes site-specific installations and video art. In 2007, Jun, one of fifty women artists selected to exhibit in Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art’s retrospective of 26 years of feminist art, “Multiple Vantage Points” exhibited her ceramic/video installation at the show in Los Angeles.

NCECA (National Council for Education of Ceramic Arts) has twice invited Jun to exhibit her ceramic/video installations at its conventions: in Portland, OR and in Kansas City, MO. In December 2012 her ceramic balloon series was shown at Art Asia Miami Fair during Art Basel Miami Week.

Nina Jun is interested in art that is engaging the viewers. Jun’s work presents both dreams and apparent paradoxes at the same time. Ceramic balloons, which are created by her innovative process, are meant to hang on walls just like 3-D paintings. No doubt, these playful and seemingly helium-filled ceramic balloons are breaking the norm.


Los Angeles Convention Center
South Hall J and K, 1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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